Annan Haaf Nets

  • Annan Haaf Netting

    Photo: I can see for miles courtesy of John Warwick

  • Annan Haaf Netting in 2018

    Photo: Haaf Netters courtesy of John Carrol

  • Annan Haaf Netting in 2018

    Photo: Are you having a laugh! courtesy of John Warwick

  • Annan Haaf Netting in 2018

    Photo: Haaf Netting in Annan courtesy of Alister Smith

Haaf netting in Annan has been practised for over a thousand years and is one of the oldest forms of fishing in Scotland. 

What is a haaf net?

A haaf net is a wooden frame made from a beam 16 feet long with a 5 feet tall stick at both ends (end-sticks) and a 6.5 feet tall stick in the centre (mid-stick).  Onto the outside of the frame is tied a net. 


Why 'haaf net'?

Haaf netting is specific to the inner Solway and dates back to at least the Viking times. The word ‘Haaf’ is Old Norse for ‘channel’ or ‘the sea’.  Folklore suggests the length of the haaf beam was based on the length o the Viking longboat oar but there is no proof of this.


How does a haaf net work?

The haaf net is carried out over the sands to fish in the later stages of the ebb and the first of the flood tide. Unlike most other forms of netting, the haaf net is manned continuously.  The fisher stands in the middle, holding the beam against the current and holding the net. The flow of the water makes a bag of net either side for the fish to swim into. If a fish is felt (a tug), the haaf has to be lifted quickly to prevent the fish swimming away. Fish can be retained, or released, in seconds completely unharmed.


Does haaf netting still happen?

An ageing and diminishing number of local netters still carry on the unique practice of haaf netting. The season starts on 1st May and ends on 9th September. Depending upon the weather, time of tides and suitability of ground, haaf netters may be seen out in the channel during this period. Fishing does not take place on the Scottish side over weekends.


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