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Walk 256 Report, Eamont Bridge and Brougham Castle

Saturday 27th September 2014

Annan Walking Group walk Eamont Bridge and Brougham Castle

Many people travel on the A66 and the M6 heading East or South from Penrith but see little of the area between, East of the motorway, including Eamont Bridge on the A6 and containing sections of the rivers Eamont and Lowther.

Our walk started near the M6 at Eamont Bridge, which boasts two remaining Neolithic sites, henges, mirrored by a standing stone newly quarried for the year 2000 millenium monument. We followed the river Eamont Eastwards to where it converges with the Lowther. Here stands Brougham Castle, one of the seats of the redoubtable Lady Anne Clifford in the 17th century. She erected the Countess’s Pillar which stands close to the A66, in memory of her mother. We visited this before heading off to Brougham Hall. This fortified house dates from the 14th century and is being restored, which does not detract from its providing art and craft workshops open to visitors.

A photo festival when we arrived was enlivened by a demonstration of a camera-bearing ‘multicopter’ drone for aerial photography.

The return to Eamont Bridge including crossing the Lowther and shadowing the river’s route alongside the A6.