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Walk 82 Report, Sunday 11 March

Annan Walking Group walk along the Solway Shore from Carsethorn

The weather forecast  was not encouraging but forty members met in the car opposite the Steamboat Inn at Carsethorn. The tide was coming in but we had ample time to walk along the shore towards Southerness.

For  a short period  we had a strong wind and driving rain in our faces but the rain soon stopped and we  walked over the interesting exposed rock strata. After passing The House on the Shore we climbed on to the tree lined banking before descending to the shelter of the Thirl Stone cliff where we had lunch. We then went inland past Powillimount  Farm. The route took us  along the edge of Arbigland Estate and Paul Jones Cottage before taking a  track back to Carsethorn.  The  6 mile walk with many places with historical links was most interesting, it is a walk which must be repeated in the summer. As we reached our cars it started to rain very heavily- the forecast was correct.