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Walk 115 Report, Sun 10 August

Annan Walking Group go to Newtown

With the going which could only be described by the horse racing fraternity as 'soft to very soft', 22 hardy runners... sorry, walkers, suitably dressed for the rigours of the British summer, assembled at Newtown for the circular walk to Walton and Irthington.

From Newtown we were soon out into open country, through farm yards across fields and through woodlands to the Cam beck weir. The constant roar of the water over the weir reminded us, if we needed any reminding, just how much rain we've had recently.

We carried on and soon arrived at the village of Walton, with its open spaces and delightful church, costing £2000 to build in 1869, and which we all visited. From Newtown to Walton we had followed the Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail,and the pub in Walton is aptly called The Centurion, which we did not visit!!!! At Walton we had our lunch, which for some, because of the weather, became quite a wet lunch.

Carrying on after lunch along country lanes and across more fields we eventually arrived at the pleasant village of Irthington, where we enjoyed our second wet lunch of the day, this time out of a glass, at the local pub, sitting outside in bright sunshine.

We followed more paths across fields until we met up again with the Hadrian's Wall Path,which took us back to our start point at Newtown, where everyone agreed we'd had a good day out, in spite of the weather.