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Salmon Fishing

The Solway Firth has been a rich source of fish for centuries.

Poke Nets on the Solway FirthThe Royal Charter of 1538 granted by King James V is believed to be the re-erection of one granted much earlier by the Bruce family. The Charter gives the citizens of the Burgh of Annan the right to fish the River and the Solway.

The traditional method of fishing is with Haaf nets and other forms of "fixed engines" - nets secured to the shore or seabed. The fishing nets are of three types and are used to catch salmon and trout.

Poke nets

Haaf Nets and Stake or Trap Nets on the Solway in ScotlandThese nets [pictured above] are secured to a row of steel poles set in the seabed and form a series of pockets in which the fish are caught.

Haaf net

This a single net [pictured right] mounted on a wooden frame, which is carried into the channel and held by the fisherman.

Stake or trap nets

These nets [pictured right] are erected on wooden poles set in the seabed to form a barrier which directs fish into a large pocket or trap.