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The Annan Viaduct

The Solway Railway Viaduct was designed by Sir James Brunlees and was opened in 1869.

The Solway Railway ViaductThe viaduct was built to carry iron-ore from the Cumberland mines to the Lanarkshire steel works and was 1783metres (5850 feet) long.

During a thaw following the severe winter of 1880 / 81 sheets of ice 1820mm thick and 23 square metres in area were driven against the cast iron bridge pillars by the fast flowing tide.

Two sections of the viaduct collapsed, one gap was 280 metres wide and another 46-metres. After extensive repairs the railway was reopened in 1884.

After the 1914 - 18 War when the viaduct was of strategic importance further expensive repairs were required and the viaduct was closed to all rail traffic in 1921.

Dismantling the viaductDismantling the viaduct started in 1934 and took 19 months to complete.

During this work three workmen were drowned when their boat was swept away in the fast flowing tide.