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The town of Annan is conveniently located in the south west of Scotland and fully accessible by road, bus and train. For info on how to get here and where to stay
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Annan Riding of the Marches 2010

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The Jo Graham Ride-out
Report by Kevin Edgar

This year was Lockerbie Gala’s 100th anniversary and as part of their celebrations they organised a centenary ride to Jo Grahams Monument situated on the ridge between Dalton and Hightae on Almagill Hill at 711ft.

The last such ride took place in 1961. They invited representatives from Annan and Dumfries to ride out and join them with their burgh standards at the monument on Saturday the 10th July 2010 at 1.30pm.

The Annan R.O.M. riders mustered at 11.00.am from Wintersheugh Farm, Kelhead, Annan and the ridden route can be found in the right -hand column of this page.

The Annan Cavalcade Annan Principals 3 flags from Lockerbie, Annan and Dumfries
Everyone up at monument in mist 2010 principals from Annan, Lockerbie and Dumfries  
Photos provided by Kelly Barty, Country Images, 7 Gill Place, Dornock, Annan DG12 6SS - tel: 01461 40425 / 07791 676935

Visiting principals from Lanark and Kirkudbright were among the 23 riders which set off from Wintersheugh. The weather was damp and as we drew closer to the monument it became mistier, we would set off at the canter across a field not being able to see where the gate was at the far side, we met the Dumfries cavalcade at the base of the hill and rode up together, arriving at the monument 5 minutes before the Lockerbie riders arrived.

Lockerbie had a good supply of port to toast the three burghs’ reunion and Joe Graham and we had some tunes from the bagpipes. The magnificent view will have to wait for a few more years as visibility was about 100 metres, the only rider I could find that had completed the ride twice was John Fleming, the Lockerbie ex-cornet who was living at Mouswald Banks in 1961 and rode it from Dumfries. Next the riders descended to the 2pm BBQ stop at Almagill Road end, after two steak rolls and a beer, around 2.45pm Cornet Robert Hollis gave a vote of thanks to Lockerbie Gala Committee and the Annan riders set off.

We arrived back around 4.45pm, it was a unique ride, of over 18 miles, using as few roads as possible, it was a longer ride than the Annan marches but there were no deadlines, we all enjoyed a more relaxed day and no one fell off!

Thanks must go to our first aider Ross Newton, the Barty family, the Edgar family, the Macintyre family, Dormont Estate, the landowners and farmers on route and of course the riders and many spectators who turned out in their raincoats to support us.

Kevin Edgar

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The Jo Graham Route:

  • Wintersheugh Farm, 
  • East Bowhill Farm,
  • Trailtrow Old Schoolhouse,
  • Phyllis Park,
  • Murrythwaite Mains,
  • Southwaite, Cuddie Lane, I
  • sle of Dalton,
  • Denbie Farms,
  • Greenswangs,
  • Highview,
  • Halliday Hill,
  • Kirkhill Farm,
  • Little Dalton Kirk,
  • Almagill Hill,
  • Jo Grahams Monument,
  • Photo Stop, 
  • Almagill Road End,
  • Dalton,
  • West Lodge,
  • Hoddom Castle,
  • Hoddom Mains,
  • Repentancehill,
  • Repentance Tower,
  • Trailtrow Road,
  • Trailtrow Crossroads,
  • Uppermoor,
  • Rigfoot,
  • Wintersheugh Farm.

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