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The town of Annan is conveniently located in the south west of Scotland and fully accessible by road, bus and train. For info on how to get here and where to stay
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Annan Riding of the Marches 2009

2009 ROM Day Report
by Kevin Edgar (photographs by Kelly Barty - Country Images)

At 8am on Saturday the 4th July a larger than usual cavalcade of around 125 riders led by Standard Bearer Lesley Bonner and accompanied by Chief Marshal Jim Hodgson, Cornet Craig Johnstone and Cornet’s Lass Katie Anderson set off from the Town Hall and onto the Everholm.

Safely over the playing fields and up the hill the cavalcade then made their way to Landheads where the boy "skelped" through the Hole in the Hedge ceremony at Landheads this year was Alexander Farish. Next was Cleughhead, Williamwood fields, Creca, the Official Party went to the belted stane and then onto the popular stop on Chapelcross old aerodrome for a 25min.

The 2009 ChasesAfter refreshments (and thanks to the fire brigade for filling the horse troughs) it was downhill through Stapleton fields, Woodhead, Swordwell fields and to the shore at Battlehill. The tide was in this year so it was along the road to Sandhills, Waterfoot Road, Port Street and back to the Everholm.

The Chases winners were:

  • Juvenile –Niamh Dobie, Cummertrees;
  • Junior – Emma Marshal, Eastriggs;
  • Cornets Lass’s Stephanie Broach, Ruthwell;
  • Cornet’s – Conner Johnstone, Annan;
  • and The Open - Ross Wilson, Sanquar;

Our principals have ridden many extra festivals this year and it was reflected by many new visitors/riders to Annan, from Berwick upon Tweed in the East, Currie in the North, and Gatehouse of Fleet in the West. Our most Southerly rider was from Essex, the 1959 Cornet Eddie Elliot had travelled up to combine this year’s homecoming and celebrate his 50th Anniversary by riding the marches for the first time in over 40 years.

The 2009 Principals on Annan High Street

The female and male best turned out riders on the High Street at 7.45am was judged to be Daniella Grant and Finlay Scott.

The 2009 Queen of the Border Miss Terri Johnstone led another well supported, exciting and colourful parade with the display of 14 decorated floats and around 89 children in fancy dress.

The Pride of Procession

The combination of the large crowds that turned out to view the parade at 1.00pm and the sunshine appearing through the clouds meant there was a large attendance at the Annan Academy Sports fields at 2.15pm to view this years entertainment which included the Horses in Harmony Displays (Portuguese Style), the Spitfire and Dakota Display and marvellous Golden Lyons Scottish parachute display team, and of course the keenly contested annual Pipe Band competitions consisting of bands from all over the UK.

At 5.45 pm the handing back of the Standard ceremony and presentation of trophies took place.

This year 19 pipe bands marched up the High Street culminating in another marvellous finale to Annan’s big day.

19 pipe bands marched up Annan High Street

Next year will see the British Pipe Band Championships being held in Annan the week before ROM, we wish them every success.

Kevin Edgar
Marchriding Convener 2009

Photos provided by Kelly Barty, Country Images, 7 Gill Place, Dornock, Annan DG12 6SS - tel: 01461 40425 / 07791 676935

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The 2009 parade winners

The Pride of Procession Shield

ET Productions with the theme "Party Animals"

The Rotary Cup

for youth organisations and churches again went to Cummertrees Youth Club with "The Flintstones ".

The Lower Annandale Cup,

ENABLE with their "Special Olympics".

The Children’s Shield

Sky Warwick with her "moving tree"

The 2009 Pipeband Contest

The Grade 2 BNFL Cup

The Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary.

The Grade 3 Coup de Watermal Doitsford

The Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service.

The Grade 4 McCubbin Shield

The City of Newcastle.

The Best Drum Major


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