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Map of Annan in south west Scotland
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The town of Annan is conveniently located in the south west of Scotland and fully accessible by road, bus and train. For info on how to get here and where to stay
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Annan Riding of the Marches (RoM)


Water can be nice!! In the form of ice in a gin and tonic or a splash in a double black bottle or what about lying on a beach staring out at it in the form of the Mediterranean. But not when it is dropping on your head in torrents from the heavens.

£3967.51 Deficit

I think we can safely say the rain on Saturday 5th July will account for at least 50% of that deficit through lost gate revenue at the Out and About field.

I think it was marvellous that Stuart and his team managed to put on a show and take £1500 on the gate at all.

When you think of all the local shows and events that had to be cancelled due to the weather throughout the summer we have been very lucky.

The other 40% can be accounted for by a large portion of last years expenditure items in this years account.


We moved the AGM several years ago to later in the month to try and get a more balanced account sheet but obviously this year it hasn’t worked.

Although it still would not have affected both balance sheets we would still have made a profit last year and a deficit this year but not by as much in both cases obviously.

The other 10% is spread more concerningly throughout the balance sheet.

  • Draws and Raffles Down
  • Magazine Down
  • Fortnight Events Down
  • Crowning Down
  • ROM Day Down
  • Not only down but knocked out but into the loss column.
  • Have we lost our fundraising touch?
  • Are we getting to complacent and reliant on sponsorship?

We need to make profits on those named events to supplement the ones we know will not make profits like the Pipeband contest our finale and some say the highlight of the day.

The General fund our working fund Honoraria comes out of this pot its not that long ago that some wanted to bump up the honoraria in the hope that it would attract principles aplenty remember when proposals like this are raised think also about extra fundraising as well we can all spend money raising it and saving it are the hard part.

A profit of £2691 in 2007 - to a Deficit of £3967 in 2008 it sounds worse when put in that context but we are a small group of people who do try our best what price do you put on personal family and social time used for Annan Riding of the Marches.

I am sure you do not need me to warn you for the years ahead £4000 was lost off our assets in 12 months we cannot lose that again,2009 will be hard, it is going to be hard for the whole country whether that has a knock on effect regarding funding and sponsorship I do not know.

It is worth mentioning that there was a deficit of £2647.00 in 2006 and we bounced back with the 2007 profit so on that note 2009 is going to wonderful.

I think we do get complacent at times with fundraising, we do not though get the support from the general public when we organise events throughout the year.

We are a small group of people who do our best to uphold the traditions of our town.

What can we do – Do what we always do - make 2009 a good year financially.

But let’s put the fun back in fundraising!!

Thank you.

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