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Map of Annan in south west Scotland
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The town of Annan is conveniently located in the south west of Scotland and fully accessible by road, bus and train. For info on how to get here and where to stay
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A Whole Day of Entertainment!
Join in the Fun on the 1st Saturday in July

Saturday 1st July 2017 - Riding of the Marches Day

The 2017 RoM Day details will be coming soon- this is what happened in 2016:


Bugle Call Reveille (Jamie Brydon)

Cornet Matthew Crombie, his Lass Toni Bell, and Standard Bearer Emma Marshall ride from the Fish Cross to Market Square, where the Cornet is entrusted with Standard to show at all the Boundary Points. All Riders muster in Murray Street and High Street (where they will be informally judged for the best turned out riders) and then fall in behind Principals.

'Safe Oot, Safe in.' the official party will lead the Cavalcade along Port Street, Waterfoot Road to Waterfoot and onto the Solway Sands, passed Seafield point, to the Altarstane and off at Battlehill (or Port Street, Waterfoot Road, Wood Avenue, Annerley Road, Seafield, Whinneyrigg, onto the Shore and off at Battlehill).

Leave Battlehill through the Morebeck Burn, Dornock Mains, Old Pottery House, Swordwell, Toppinghall, Woodhead, Gill Bridge, Stapleton Kennels.

Stop at Chapelcross runway by kind invitation of Magnox Ltd, Chapelcross. Refreshments kindly provided by The Firth Hotel along with the AROM Committee.

Leave Chapelcross for Allalee, Jockstown, Williamwood Loaning (Official Party leaves to visit the Clarke family at Williamwood). Riders continue along Williamwood Drive, Eaglesfield Road, Brydekirk, Butcherbeck Bridge (where the Official Party rejoins the riders), Mount Annan, Landheads.

Arrive at Landheads for the historical Hole in the Hedge Ceremony and Snuff taking. The boy being skelped through the hedge this year will be Nathan from Newington Primary School.

Leave Landheads, to Redhouse, Guillilands, Prestonfield, Northfield Farm, Cleuden, Greenbank.

Entertainment on High Street.

Arrive at Greenbank for the Chases on the Everholm. (Juvenile, Junior, Cornet's Lass, Cornet's Chase and the Open Chase). Riders not taking part in the chases remain in the corner of the field at Greenbank When the chases finish the riders fall in behind the Official Party ready for the parade via Springfield, North Street, Tweedie Terrace, McNeish Drive and Prestonfield Road.

When the Chases are complete, the riders will fall in behind the Official Party who will proceed to join the parade, leaving by Springfield gate (Sashes to the fore please). Procession starts from Newington Roundabout led by the Cornet and his Lass.

Procession arrives at Fish Cross, along High Street to Market Square.

RoM afternoon entertainment on Annan Academy playing fields

Cornet, Matthew hands back the Burgh Standard following the presentation of chase, procession and other trophies.

The Grand Finale.
A great end a memorable day, the gathering of Massed Pipe Bands on Annan High Street. Around 15 pipebands from across Scotland and the North of England treat us to a display of pipes and drums.
Presentation of competition winners followed by a medley from Annan's own bands - Annan A.P.D Town Band, the Royal Burgh of Annan pipe band and Annan British Legion Juvenile pipe band.

Principals leave the stage, and our Town Bands play up the High Street.

Display of Mass Pipes and Drums, Annan High Street

Annan Riding of the Marches
- an Annual Summer Event in south west Scotland

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