Opportunity or Liberty

They appear to have multiplied over night more particular the Bank street Lady street area of the High street but also other areas of the town what am I talking about – advertising signs and posters in all shapes and sizes.

Do they bother you ?

Are they helpful ?

Or are they just unsightly ?

It used to be the odd charitable organisation advertising its up and coming event then taken down until next year now there are companies advertising their wares on a permanent basis saving some hard earned  income from the various forms of advertising that there is nowadays

The centre of the town is becoming a patchwork of posters and is very noticeable I am sure the Planning Authorities will have something to say, designing streets and towns doesn’t just happen its for every ones safety after all, street furniture and  lines of sight are just a fraction of the items covered in town planning documents. This little gem I uncovered may be appropriate in our case – ” As well as being visually intrusive the inappropriate use of guard railings can block pedestrian desire lines, with possible dangers ” .

If you haven’t really noticed have a walk up the High street and count them you will be surprised.

Personally I think it is getting out of hand and its days may be numbered

What do you think ?

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