Dog Fouling

Now that the days are getting lighter and dare I say it more pleasant, more of us are getting out and about on foot and that’s when you notice it, the mess that some of our streets are in, due to irresponsible dog owners – it’s shocking.

That is all I seem to have heard in the past couple of weeks – pram wheels rolled in it, toddlers trod in it and adults angry about it as well as being a health hazard, the cleaning up of it really spoils your day.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a dog owner, it gets people out and about socialising, the Everholm is proof of that and, what a great way to exercise and  appreciate our rural surroundings with man’s best friend.

But please dog owners consider other people on our streets “pick it up” after all it is an offence and does come with a fixed penalty fine.

Lets keep our streets clean

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