Dog Fouling – Again

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we covered this oh so very anti social attitude some dog owners have towards their fellow inhabitants of the town.

With the lighter nights and better weather (hopefully) fast approaching we are all getting out and about around our streets and pathways  that is when we really notice the state of our pavements.

Its got to stop.!

It is not only anti social there is a health risk to the young and vulnerable.

Why do these people think it is acceptable to let their pets foul the pavements. ?

Apart from the streets that have recently been mentioned in the local press let me know the street that is especially messy near to you, a list will be compiled and sent to the Community Safety Team for monitoring.

If you are one of those dog owners that disrespect the streets and the people who also use them don’t complain when you have a fixed penalty fine to pay – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Lets all try and sort this out and get this list started