Annan Garden Competition

Annan Garden Competition

Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council


Do you, a friend or a neighbour have a lovely garden that can be an inspiration to others?

We are currently looking for applications for the Annual Community Council Garden Competition for 2015

Anyone who lives within the boundary of the Royal Burgh is eligible to apply.

If you would like to nominate your garden or the garden of a friend or neighbour for this years competition on the 4th August 2015 please submit names of entrants to:

Joyce Wylie chairperson on:  01461 202627


Judging the gardens:  Stephen & Marie McMinn from Eaglesfield  Gardening Club


The weather stayed just right yesterday as all who wished accompanied this years Riding of the Marches principals out onto the Solway shore to check the most southerly boundary of our Royal Burgh, the “altar stane”.

The” altar stane” lies in the middle of the Solway between Battlehill and Bowness in Cumbria, it is the size of a large kitchen table and is believed to have been deposited by glacial action during the ice age  from the Alston district of Cumbria it is more often covered in shifting sands or is difficult to access due to the tides and shifting channel.

As we all settled onto our respective trailers decorated with flags and bunting with cushions and bales of straw for our comfort and a very regal settee for the Cornet and his Lass we set off onto the shore in the very safe and capable hands of our local fishing community.

With tradition adhered to photographs taken we all trundled back to shore to the fishermen’s hut for juice and crisps for the children and punch for the adults and then it dawned on everyone this could be the last time.

With the recent changes to fishing licenses regarding the poke, stake and haaf netters fishermen will no longer have a need for the tractors and trailers which were used today.

It seems strange that someone from across the Solway and even further away in the European Parliament can change something that was originally granted in 1538 by a  grateful  James V of Scotland by Royal Charter.

Maybe more of a fight could have been made not just by our local councillors but by the Scottish Parliament as well its sometimes better to have tried than to look back later and think if only we had …

I would like to thank our fishermen for their knowledge of the Solway in making it a very safe and enjoyable morning.

I am so glad we made the effort.





Opportunity or Liberty

They appear to have multiplied over night more particular the Bank street Lady street area of the High street but also other areas of the town what am I talking about – advertising signs and posters in all shapes and sizes.

Do they bother you ?

Are they helpful ?

Or are they just unsightly ?

It used to be the odd charitable organisation advertising its up and coming event then taken down until next year now there are companies advertising their wares on a permanent basis saving some hard earned  income from the various forms of advertising that there is nowadays

The centre of the town is becoming a patchwork of posters and is very noticeable I am sure the Planning Authorities will have something to say, designing streets and towns doesn’t just happen its for every ones safety after all, street furniture and  lines of sight are just a fraction of the items covered in town planning documents. This little gem I uncovered may be appropriate in our case – ” As well as being visually intrusive the inappropriate use of guard railings can block pedestrian desire lines, with possible dangers ” .

If you haven’t really noticed have a walk up the High street and count them you will be surprised.

Personally I think it is getting out of hand and its days may be numbered

What do you think ?



Flower Power

As most of us are aware the closure of the Seaforth Nurseries means the reduction by at least 50% of the number of flowers planted around the  town.

Without  going into the how or why of it where would you like to see the flower beds planted or not as the case may be ?

The top of Battery Street is a grand display when coming over the bridge from Dumfries or even walking down there on the way to the river, would you miss that or the planters at the bottom of the Brae ?

What about the displays along the high street, outside Annan Old ,Seaforth park, the caravan site there are many places that may mean a lot to some and be missed greatly by others.

This will happen its a sign of the times would you sponsor a bed or plant one out its a possibility lets make the best of it and get what we want for the town

Have your say at

Top Secret

When you think about secrecy what springs to mind – cloak and dagger activities, subterfuge, misdirection, inner circles…

Don’t tell your dad even more important don’t tell your granny.

How do you keep a five year old silent for so long ?

We all know what you are up to its very rare if at all that anything gets out how do you do it ?

Seventy Four days to go

ROM float builders how do you do it – good luck to all of you

Brief Notes

Lasts nights AGM/meeting saw a bit of shuffling between the office bearers with the Chair Neil MacIntyre moving to vice chair and the vice chair Joyce Wylie moving to Chair.

The Treasurer was elected for another year but the Secretary stood down leaving the office vacant at the minute.

As for the meeting, there is still a bit of “anti social behaviour ” in the town with fly tipping, dog fouling and unruly behaviour being the main causes – you don’t have to put up with it, if it affects you phone the Police or the Community Safety Officers –  something will be done.

On a brighter note, three new information boards around the town (two on the high street and one at the station) are due to be erected this week which will be a benefit to locals and visitors alike.

Minutes to follow



At the last meeting one of our members said “are we not making enough fuss about the state of the roads in the town?” Well not a lot was said, other than how many times do you  report something?

You don’t have to be a driver to notice the state of some of our streets.  The potholes are getting bigger everyday – are they breeding?  The council say the weather is to blame but I am sure cut backs in maintenance and repair hasn’t helped.  Our region has the third largest road network in Scotland, so it is not an easy task to keep every road in pristine condition.  With nearly 500 claims in 2013/14 a quarter of them were successful.  This cost £27k to the insurers and it is still a major problem.  Nationally the figures are tremendous for these repairs; drivers are having to fork out for making garage owners happy and rich. Indeed across the UK, local authorities have estimated to have paid out £24 million to motorists for damage caused by poorly  maintained roads.  In the past week I have heard of someone needing to replace the front suspension spring due to a pothole in North Street.  I am sure there will be many more drivers in the same position.

To be fair, Dumfries and Galloway does have a Report a Pothole/Road Defect form online for anyone to use and a Facebook page for reporting these menaces of the road.  But a word of caution only a quarter of all claims are successful so don’t think the Council will pay for your bad luck.  There is no automatic right to compensation as legal liability has to be established.

What is to be done?  Drive more carefully?   Try and avoid them?  Come on council, get them fixed!

North Street Parking

Used or Abused

Is the parking along the west side of North street caused by the success of Annan Athletic Football Clubs community involvement or by the inconsiderate parking of its users there is after all a car park that is hardly used more especially on non match days .

Residents are quite rightly up in arms road users are quite rightly frustrated more signage and restrictions seems to be part of the answer

Used or Abused

Any thoughts

Anti Social Behaviour

Although not a major problem in our town it still effects one or two areas and if it is near you it can have a detrimental impact on everyday life. Although figures show it is down 13% what can you do about it if it happens near you – what constitutes anti social behaviour  it is having disregard for other peoples rights with actions that harm or lack consideration for the well being of others.

The effects are not only felt by the individual but also  their families and ultimately the street or area they live in, most people have fond memories of were they grew up which can be spoiled by a few mindless acts.

The Act itself covers many things from rowdy behaviour ,vandalism to dog fouling don’t put up with it report it to the Police or your local Community Safety Officer nobody should have to accept wanton vandalism, egg throwing at windows or rowdiness outside their front door which seems to be prevalent in the town at the minute.

Have you been affected