Agenda for The Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council Meeting via Teams on the 14th February 2022

Please find attached the forthcoming agenda and link for the meeting…….Feb Agenda

Agenda for the Meeting of the Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council on the 10th of January 2022

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jan 22 agenda

Agenda for the Meeting of The Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council to be Held in St Andrews Social Club Annan

Please find attached October agenda national Covid restrictions do apply

october agenda 2021

The Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council Teams Meeting Agenda and Link For September the 13th 2021

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september agenda

Agenda for the Meeting of Annan Community Council on the 12th July 2021

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july 21 agenda

The Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council Agenda for the Meeting on Monday 14th June 2021

June 21 Agenda      Please see agenda meeting via Teams

The Royal burgh of Annan Community Council Meeting Agenda on May 10th 2021

May Agenda 21

Although the Community Council has been assisting throughout we cannot see a return at present to regular face to face meetings so a link is attached to the agenda for our next meeting

Annan High Street

Small Businesses Grant Scheme

Annan & DG12 Small Businesses Grant Scheme

The Annan & DG12 Small Businesses Grant Scheme funded through Magnox and delivered by Dumfries and Galloway Council offers a discretionary grant of up to £5,000 to SMEs within Annan & DG12 post code area.

The purpose of the grant is to support and stimulate the local economy and assist with the generation of employment thus ensuring long term business sustainability. The grant will apply flexibility in respect of types of investment however the expenditure must be clearly communicated in the application and cashflow forecast.

Dumfries and Galloway Council will contribution a maximum grant of 50% of the eligible project costs. This level of funding is specific to each application and will take into account individual considerations. The grant will not be eligible to use as a match for other public funding.

Eligible Projects

  • Marketing and E-business initiatives to increase sales out with the area and/or attract additional visitors to the area. This can include the design and production of promotional material, investment in E-business projects or bespoke solutions. IT hardware, in any guise will only be eligible as part of a broader E-business development.
  • Procurement of manufacturing and other equipment as part of business improvement and expansion planning. (Routine replacement or repair will not be eligible for support.)
  • Business premises and facilities improvement including expansion as part of business development plans. Premises used solely as residential will not be eligible for support.
  • Selection and procurement of specialist consultancy and training – this will exclude meeting regulatory or legislative requirements.
  • Improvements to supply and production processes.
  • Working capital expenditure including running costs, staff costs and purchase of stock is not eligible

If you would like further information please email

Our Headless Haaf Netter Statue

Well we should have all seen the local paper and the story of the headless haaf netter – if not we at the Community Council are looking to gauge the feelings of the townspeople regarding the statue at the roundabout on the way into Tesco.

The statue was commissioned and gifted to the town by Tesco when it opened its store the problem we have now is the head has been stolen and been the subject of a Police enquiry which although ongoing some people think its an eyesore others don’t notice it now.

We would like you to have your say and you can do so on our facebook page,

(a) Take it down and store it until funds become available for a replacement head .( estimated at around £2000.00)

(b)Take it down and scrap it and use the money for groups in the town

(c)  Leave it as it is

This post will be up for around four weeks and all reasonable replies will be taken into consideration lets all remember it was a gift to the town

Annan High Street – Repair Work

Just to update everyone the High Street Sewage pipe repair work is scheduled to be complete by the weekend apologies for the delay has been given