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The weather stayed just right yesterday as all who wished accompanied this years Riding of the Marches principals out onto the Solway shore to check the most southerly boundary of our Royal Burgh, the “altar stane”. The” altar stane” lies in the middle of the Solway between Battlehill and Bowness in Cumbria, it is the size […]

Flower Power

As most of us are aware the closure of the Seaforth Nurseries means the reduction by at least 50% of the number of flowers planted around the  town. Without  going into the how or why of it where would you like to see the flower beds planted or not as the case may be ? […]

Top Secret

When you think about secrecy what springs to mind – cloak and dagger activities, subterfuge, misdirection, inner circles… Don’t tell your dad even more important don’t tell your granny. How do you keep a five year old silent for so long ? We all know what you are up to its very rare if at […]

Brief Notes

Lasts nights AGM/meeting saw a bit of shuffling between the office bearers with the Chair Neil MacIntyre moving to vice chair and the vice chair Joyce Wylie moving to Chair. The Treasurer was elected for another year but the Secretary stood down leaving the office vacant at the minute. As for the meeting, there is […]