Open for Business

Annan Solutions Office Open For Business

Dumfries and Galloway Council, the South of Scotland Economic Partnership, and the Scottish Government are delighted to announce the opening of our new designated development office in Annan.

This new ‘Annan Solutions’ office opens for business on the 22nd March at Annan Business Park, Stapleton Road.

The economic development office will provide support around DG12 to those starting or growing a local business, plus inward investment enquiries. As well as this, the team will assist with the implementation of the Annan Action Plan.

The Annan Solutions team is seen as key to strengthening the Annan and wider DG12 community, building its resilience and future opportunities.

The Team will take forward four parallel workstreams:

  • To develop other potential business sites in the Annan and DG12 area.
  • To work with local business to develop their growth potential.
  • To work Bhagat Holdings Limited to support their growth and employment aspirations.
  • To consider the wider economic impact for the community in Annan and DG12 as the result of jobs losses from Youngs closure.

This team will take forward the delivery of an action plan towards ensuring the sustainability and resilience of Annan and the wider DG12 area.

Cllr Sean Marshall, Chair of Annan Regeneration Steering Group said:

“The Annan Solutions Team will be officially revealed on Friday 22 March from their base in the heart of the DG12 area, however some of the Team Members have been in place for over 6 months and were at the centre of successfully securing the £9M investment and 120 jobs by Bhagat Holdings Limited at the former Pinneys Site in Annan.

“Working with the Annan Regeneration Steering Group and the existing Annan Masterplan, the Annan Solutions Team will continue to support and advise ex Pinneys employees who are still unemployed, work to sustain and grow existing DG12 businesses, attract inward investment by encouraging new businesses and new economic opportunities into the DG12 area, breathe new life into Annan High Street by tackling empty shops and regenerate Annan by bringing derelict properties such as Albert Hall, Central Hotel and Erskine Church back into use.

“Ultimately, the Local Solutions Team (LST) will be responsible for developing an Action Plan for Annan and the DG12 area which will have a suite of shovel ready projects to attract funding by the respective UK and Scottish Governments which is needed if Annan and the DG12 area is to fully recover from the loss of over 450 jobs at Pinneys.”