The Fish Cross Tree

As you are all aware the tree has been causing lots of problems in this area for months now ( never mind the tree what about the barriers) the roots have been lifting the paving slabs therefore causing a slips trips and falls hazard.

In desperation I think a solution being thought about is to replace the tree and use a tree pit to curtail both growth of tree and more importantly roots.

What do you all think remembering in this day and age health and safety is paramount – would a tree seat help covering up some slabs.

Lets have some thoughts before a decision is made

The Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council Minutes for October 2018

The Chair Allan Weild  opened the meeting at 19.00 hrs prompt by welcoming all to the meeting ……October The Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council minute 8th October 2018

The Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council Agenda for the 12th November 2018

Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council Nov 2018 Agenda 


Absolute Classics - Annan Academy - Atmospheres recording session

Absolute Classics Education Programme – Immerse

Warning – this is not virtual!

For three years Annan based music charity, Absolute Classics has been working with local young people on a composition project focussed on games music.

The project, IMMERSE, was born out of Absolute Classics’ work mentoring young people from Dumfries & Galloway in the creation of original compositions and video games soundscapes. Professional composer, Luci Holland was brought to the region to mentor the young participants, using classical compositional techniques to help express the young participants musical ideas.

On Sunday the 11th of November the grand finale will take place in Glasgow at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, where the newly orchestrated compositions will be performed. It is not just an ordinary concert either… it is a live game with a narrative, a journey into the
Cairngorms, mysterious happenings… and an interactive element where you get to decide which way the concert goes next.

Absolute Classics’ education manager, Narelle Freeman has been truly inspired by the whole project;

“This has been an exciting and terribly creative experience. Additional benefits of the project have been to provided these young composers with an opportunity to shadow and be mentored by our team of creative professionals in the production of an event on a world-class stage.”

And one participant added:

“I really thought this experience was amazing. It allowed me to create something of my own that I never thought I’d have the ability to create. Composing music is something that seems so inaccessible and only for the select few, yet this project has really made me believe the opposite. Even if you think you could never create your own music, I definitely think this process makes it possible for everyone and I would encourage anyone who gets the chance, to do so.”

Immerse will take place in Glasgow at the Centre for Contemporary Art on Sunday the 11th of November – for further info see: