Remember when the Everholm was called just the Holm ?

It had a black shed roughly about were  the entrance of the running track is and depending what age you were then had scary coos roaming the river bank who slept in this shed.

Then in the mid 70s the then District Council had a great idea to change this area from grazing land to a sports area and riverside park for the local population to come along and enjoy the various activities which were planned.Eventually by the end of the 80s the Holm now consisted of pitches for rugby, hockey and football with the jewel in this crown a six lane running track – but there is more, a “trim track”was added along the riverside path making a walk along the river more energetic for some, these various exercise lets say structures were pleasantly surrounded by trees and shrubs which finished off a job well done.

I took a walk along the Everholm the other day and could not believe what I saw – DISGRACEFUL

Before you can access the Holm if you are in the North end of the town the steps from Galabank (if you can find them – no signpost) and Greenbank are a bit treacherous for the fit and able never mind the less able but I think that is another issue all on its own.

From a distance all looks fine down there but when you actually take a walk along the path you see the unkempt shrubs and trees with knee length grass under them, various weeds, nettles and thistles some at least six foot high along the riverbank it is an absolute shame the way it has been allowed to get into this condition.

Come on Council what price is someone with a strimmer going to cost once a month for appearances sake not just for the many locals who walk along the river but visitors to the town as well.

If you haven’t go and have a look I am pretty sure you will be as shocked as me at the condition it is in.

Let me know what you think ?