North Street Parking

Used or Abused

Is the parking along the west side of North street caused by the success of Annan Athletic Football Clubs community involvement or by the inconsiderate parking of its users there is after all a car park that is hardly used more especially on non match days .

Residents are quite rightly up in arms road users are quite rightly frustrated more signage and restrictions seems to be part of the answer

Used or Abused

Any thoughts

Anti Social Behaviour

Although not a major problem in our town it still effects one or two areas and if it is near you it can have a detrimental impact on everyday life. Although figures show it is down 13% what can you do about it if it happens near you – what constitutes anti social behaviour  it is having disregard for other peoples rights with actions that harm or lack consideration for the well being of others.

The effects are not only felt by the individual but also  their families and ultimately the street or area they live in, most people have fond memories of were they grew up which can be spoiled by a few mindless acts.

The Act itself covers many things from rowdy behaviour ,vandalism to dog fouling don’t put up with it report it to the Police or your local Community Safety Officer nobody should have to accept wanton vandalism, egg throwing at windows or rowdiness outside their front door which seems to be prevalent in the town at the minute.

Have you been affected